Giuseppe’s Remodel Enhances SLO’s Downtown Development

Whenever I think of a delicious Italian meal downtown, I immediately think Giuseppe’s. During fall quarter this year, a friend took me to this delicious restaurant and I was immediately hooked.


Giuseppe’s new sign out front.

Giuseppe’s Cucina Rustica ribbon cutting for the remodeled restaurant took place on Dec. 7 and was featured on

This quarter, I revisited Giuseppe’s after their huge remodel and was stunned by the expansion and new decor. I could barely even recognize the restaurant—until I saw the small Vespa that used to be parked outside of the old Giuseppe’s.


One of Giuseppe’s signature accents: the classic Italian Vespa.

Downtown SLO has been going through a major developmental phase, and Giuseppe’s seems to be keeping up with the changes, adding to the development as a whole.

One of Giuseppe’s managers, Aurash Afshar has been working for the owner Joe “Giuseppe” DiFronzo for about five years, and has been managing Giuseppe’s for about four years.

Afshar said the Giuseppe’s staff likes the feel of the remodeled restaurant, and luckily they have most of the same staff at the new restaurant, so he doesn’t miss too much from the old location.

Afshar describes the new Giuseppe’s restaurant and remodel in more depth and how the restaurant adds to the development of downtown SLO in this audio clip:

The new remodel has also received many great reviews from recent customers who posted on

“Everything about the new Giuseppes is great. The food, ambiance, decor and service. It’s a fun place to go and meet your friends or have a date night,” SLO resident Norene C. said in a post on

“Totally new experience in the newly relocated Giuseppis. Close to old location in an old, I mean old, brewery, it has been made into a beautiful modern airy restaurant. Liked everything about it. The food as good as before and the server charming. Outside seating looked nice. Prices ok,” user lillanbc said.

 Giuseppe’s has a take out area where you can get food to go, which includes pizza by the slice, sandwiches, drinks, packaged pasta and sauces, and an assortment of desserts. The restaurant also has many different seating areas, for example, the outside garden area, multiple dining rooms, the bar, and a cocktail lounge.

The take-out area adds to the authentic Italian feel of the restaurant.


The patio adds a romantic vibe outside, under the twinkling lights and trees.

Giuseppe’s remodel seems to be a step in the right direction for the restaurant and the downtown development plan as a whole.


“We all love this location. I think it’s a nice part of San Luis Obispo and it’s nice that when we remodeled over here we were able to be more of a stand alone restaurant versus our old location was kind of at the end of a plaza. So I think that’s a nice feature to add to this restaurant” – Aurash Afshar, Giuseppe’s manager


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