The Fremont Theater Incorporates More Live Events

Many people have been talking about how the Fremont Theater on Monterey in downtown San Luis Obispo stopped showing movies; however this isn’t entirely true. In fact, JG King, an event coordinator at the theater said the theater hosted “550 children and parents from the Pacheco Elementary School to watch a film,” on Tuesday evening.

In addition, King mentioned the upcoming films being shown at the theater.

“We will have movies being shown this weekend and the very popular SLO Film Festival run from March 14th through the 19th,” King said.

King did, however, mention that Fremont has been hosting more live events recently:

“We certainly have been providing more live entertainment events recently with concerts, comedy, speakers, and others using the theater.”

The Fremont Theater isn’t just a theater, it is a historic building in SLO. When you walk by the theater on the street, it definitely does not go unnoticed, especially at night. Fremont features the classic LED marquee displaying the words, “FEB 19 THE GROWLERS SOLD OUT.”


The lead singer of The Growlers, Brooks Nielsen, singing and grooving on stage.

On Sunday night, I attended my first event at the Fremont Theater, and it was definitely a memorable experience. Hundreds of young adults were lined up outside the theater, anxious to get out of the rain and inside the venue to see The Growlers on their City Club Spring 2017 Tour.

Once inside, I bought some candy in the main lobby, and waited for the doors to the actual theater to open.

The theater had a vintage vibe to it and felt so immense with the intricately designed pink ceiling. But once everyone piled in, it suddenly felt much smaller.

I can’t say that I have ever been to a concert in a venue like Fremont, and now I don’t think any other venue will live up to this experience.

Here is a video of my night at The Growlers concert hosted at Fremont:

Along with being a great entertaining venue, Fremont has been owned by the same people for over 30 years, King said, and “the owners look forward to investing more dollars back into this historic theater.”

“[Fremont] makes me fall in love with SLO even more! I love how this town is such a unique mix of old and new, and I feel like the mix of the young crowd at The Growlers show and the vintage feel of the theater definitely paralleled that.” — Jenna Keith, Cal Poly Freshman seen in the video

As far as the city’s downtown concept plan goes, “The owners of the Fremont certainly share the vision of creating a space where artistic opportunities are expanded downtown, and where better than at the Fremont Theater?” King said.

Feature Photo Courtesy of Jenna Keith.

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